Out of all the flights in which falcons are flown out of the hood, gull hawking provides some of the best sport.

Similar to crow hawking, the falcon employs it's aerial strength and knowledge to outwit and out maneuver the gull.

Due to the gulls large body-size, female falcons are generally used with a flying weight of 900g an above. However, the exceptional tiercel has been known to do well on gulls. Occasionally a cast of falcons may be flown with great success.
Although not the most engaging of hawking grounds, gulls may be found in large numbers on or near refuse dumps.

Indeed, many local councils and refuse disposal organisations employ bird clearance companies to deter gulls and other birds from feeding and spreading refuse into surrounding areas.

Inland, gulls may also be found on freshly ploughed fields.
Most of my breeding peregrine falcons have been flown for at least one season to gulls or grouse.