Below are some useful links relating to - birds of prey, falconry, falcon research and conservation.

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Falconry centres.
Falconry UK
The Falconry Centre - Canada
The Hawking Centre - Kent.
Icarus Falconry
Falconry information pages.
International Falconry Forum. Come and join in global falconry discussions, find good advice and make new friends Hawking direct General falconry information.
Apprentice Falconry information for the aspiring falconer.
Raptors NestExcellent global falconry information.
Falconry Canada Formerly Roy's falconry page.
www.UNCF.IT Falconry information.
Falconry magazines, books, and videos.
American Falconry
Western Sporting Publications
Paul Morgan Old & New Books on Fishing & Field Sports
Falconry and Wildlife Art
Falconry and Wildlife Artist. Original paintings, prints and affordable commissions for falconers.
Wildlife Artist. Carl Bass - Wildlife Artist fantastic paintings of raptors and wildlife.
Falconry equipment.
Northwoods - Falconry equipment. - Italian falconry web-site.
Falconry hoods from Japan
Falcon Crest Equipment
karen Rose Falconry
Falconry Collections - Art, birds of prey, equipment, medicines, etc.
Mac Falcon - MAC Falcon Leather & Falconry Equipments
Falcon research and conservation.
World Working Group on Birds of Prey and Owls
The Peregrine Fund
The Institute for Wildlife Studies
The Falcon Research Group
Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group
The Raptor Research Foundation
Falconry clubs.
The British Falconers Club
The Welsh Hawking Club
The Swedish Falconry Club
North American Falconers Association
The International Association for Falconry & Conservation of Birds of Prey
South East Falconry Group

Yorkshire Falconry Club
Raptor Rehabilitation.
The Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota
Web Cams.
Peregrines in Prague, Czech Republic